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Technitherm used in BRE Flood Resilient Home

Flood Resilient Demonstration Home

Isothane are proud to be involved in the Flood Resilient demonstration home project launched on 3 February 2017 by the Building Research Establishment. 

The aim of the project is to raise awareness for contractors and homeholders of the effective ways that are available to repair and refurbish properties that have been flooded and ways of increasing property level resilience for those at risk of flooding. The BRE recognises the effects of flooding in homes and businesses are devasating and cause major disruption plus the costs involved and wants to highlight the solutions that are available.

Our discussions took place with the BRE in 2016 and it was agreed that our closed cell polyurethane cavity wall insulation product Technitherm® would be installed into the Victorian Terrace on the BRE’s Innovation site in Watford.  The closed cell nature of Technitherm® means that it provides flood resilience by reducing the risk of flood water ingress across the cavity. It remains servicable after the flood water recedes unlike convential cavity wall insualtion materials which can absorb and retain water meaning they lose their insulating properties and prolong the drying out time. BS85500:2015 advises that only closed cell polyurethane insulation should be used in flood risk areas.

Flood Resilience      Flood Reilience

The photographs show the Technitherm® being installed into the cavity that was specifically created for this purpose. The product would normally be installed externally but this depends on the property. They also show the finished installation and the flood resilient home complete with all of the other products including flood doors and flood resilient fixtures and fittings.

Flood Resilience

The plan is for the property to be flooded by the local fire brigade so that people can see how the products work. If you would like more information on the BRE’s project please visit their website – BRE Launches Demonstration Home and for more information on Technitherm® please contact us or visit our dedicated product page – Technitherm



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