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Isothane Limited provides an extensive range of market leading spray and cast polyurethane products for use in set and prop design in the film, television and theme park sectors. 

Over the years we have developed technical expertise in the area of set and prop design and production. We have built close working relationships with designers and craftsman meaning that we have helped them to achieve innovative solutions to problems that are often “off the wall”.

Our set and prop design products have been used in productions such as a Knights Tale, Alexander and Troy to provide leather effect costumes and armour which to the viewer looks like real armour but is lightweight for the actors to wear during filming.

We can offer highly versatile solutions and provide aesthetically outstanding pieces which are robust enough to withstand even the hardest treatment on sets or locations. We have created horses for the War Horse film production which were realistic and pillars that could be straight from ancient Rome. Our products have been used in films such as The Martian, Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor II: The Dark World and iconic and popular television series’ such as Game of Thrones and Dr Who.

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What We Can Do

We can offer versatile products that together with our technical knowledge and experience can provide the solution to your set and prop design needs:

  • We can help your set and prop design team turn their ideas into reality with technical backup and experience.
  • They can be used to create armour, leather and other costume reproduction pieces including weaponry. These solutions are lightweight in comparison to genuine pieces with the advantages this brings to both the actors and the crews on set.

Set and Prop Design HelmetSet & Prop Design Armour

  • Our products come in a range of colours to suit the demands of your projects.
  • The can be moulded to produce robust film and television sets and theme park furniture which look realistic but are lightweight and easy to re-locate.
  • Our elastomers can be used to provide weather protection to polyurethane foam structures in a variety of colours.

Set and Prop Design CollumnsSet and Prop Design StatueSet and Prop Design Plopsaland

  • Our Class 1 fire retardant polyurethane spray products can be used to coat polystyrene foam to form lightweight features.

Set and Prop Design Shaun the Sheep



Polyurethane Foam Mouldings

Our polyurethane foam mouldings and technical expertise can provide solutions to your project needs.


Set & Prop Design

Isothane Limited provides an extensive range of market leading spray and cast polyurethane products for use in set and prop design in the film, television and theme park sectors.



Case Studies

Armour-Lyte Scenography

THE CLIENT Caerphilly County Borough Council who commissioned New York artist Brian Tolle to produce a piece of public artwork...


Set and Prop Design Theme Park Plopsaland Theme Park Belgium

The Problem Novel techniques were required to create a 300m² restaurant complex roof in the this prestigious North Belgium theme...


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