Duratherm ® OS

Duratherm ® OS is our BBA approved (Certificate number 10/4771) and LABC accredited (Certificate number EWS645) spray foam product. Suitable for...


Agrispray® OS

AGRISPRAY® OS is an HCFC AND CFC FREE two component, 1:1 ratio, rigid foam system which when processed through suitable...



THERMADEK is an HCFC & CFC FREE two component, 1:1 ratio, rigid foam system which when processed through suitable spray...


Pirthane® 0

Pirthane® 0 is an insulating system which has excellent fire resistant properties.



Armour-Chem is a seamless membrane that can be handled and walked on a minute after it is sprayed.


Armour-Lyte Range

The Armour-Lyte range is a durable polyurea elastomer range that has a variety of uses within television and film production and scenography.



Armour-Truck is a dual system that when combined produces a resilient, durable polyurea elastomer. It has been designed specifically to offer easy application.



LD40 is our general purpose foam system that has a wide variety of moulding applications where a foam with a...


MDI Prepolymer Range

Isothane produces MDI terminated prepolyers based on aromatic diisocyanate.


Polyurethane Contract Manufacturing

Isothane’s experience in the polyurethane market means we can help you deliver for your customer with our polyurethane contract manufacturing...


EMA Elastomeric

Our EMA elastomeric membrane product is a solar reflective, liquid applied coating based on urethane prepolymers. Manufactured to cure by...


EMB Elastomeric

EMB elastomeric membrane is a liquid applied coating based on polyurethane prepolymers extended with tar, which cures by reaction with...


PU Primer

PU PRIMER is a specialised, high adhesion primer system designed to improve adhesion between a large variety of coatings and...


Technitherm® Cavity Wall Stabilisation and Insulation System

Technitherm is a specialised cavity wall stabilisation and insulation product suitable for hard to treat properties.


TDI Prepolymer Range

A range of isocyanate-terminated prepolymers based on aromatic diisocyanates.



ECOFIL40 is a SOLAS approved rigid polyurethane foam which is for use in buoyancy related products.



EXO-SET is a high density rigid sprayfoam which is used in speciality scenic replications and reinforcement purposes.


The Reprocell Range

Our Reprocell range offers a rigid polyurethane foam alternative to timber without the issues of decay, rotting or insect attack.


Armour-Flex Range

Our Armour-Flex range offers polyurea elastomers which can be used in scenography, tank lining, waterproofing and protection of polyurethane foam.


Blocked Prepolymer

Isothane manufactures a nonyl phenol free blocked TDI prepolymer for use as a flexibiliser in 2K epoxy systems.



Armour-Prime is a specialised high adhesion primer system.



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