Polyurea Range

Polyurea RangeOur polyureas are a range of very strong, abrasion resistant coatings that can be used for providing solutions in multiple industries. They allow for various thicknesses to be applied in a very short application period and many of our range come in a variety of colours to suit your needs.

Armour-Lyte Range

The Armour-Lyte range is a durable polyurea elastomer range that has a variety of uses within television and film production and scenography.



Armour-Prime is a specialised high adhesion primer system.



Armour-Chem is a seamless membrane that can be handled and walked on a minute after it is sprayed.



Armour-Truck is a dual system that when combined produces a resilient, durable polyurea elastomer. It has been designed specifically to offer easy application.


Armour-Flex Range

Our Armour-Flex range offers polyurea elastomers which can be used in scenography, tank lining, waterproofing and protection of polyurethane foam.



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