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PU PRIMER is a specialised, high adhesion primer system designed to improve adhesion between a large variety of coatings and substrates. PU PRIMER is particularly suitable when used in conjunction with Isothane Elastomeric Membrane coatings or Isothane foams. It is a special blend of moisture curing urethane prepolymers in solvent and its chemical similarity to EM coatings ensures good adhesion between the two within the specified overcoat times. It acts as a sealer on porous substrates such as concrete and will consolidate a friable substrate such as that of asbestos cement. It acts as a barrier coat on bituminous substrates and improves adhesion to difficult substrates such as non-ferrous metals.

Technical Data

Storage, Handling and Personal Protection

The recommendations in our Safety Data Sheet for this product must be followed at all times. More general information is included in our publication “A Guide to the Safe Handling of Polyurethane Resins” and in the following Technical Data Sheets which are available on request:

  • Fire Safety when Storing, Handling and Installing Polyurethane Foam
  • Decontamination of Isocyanates using Isothane Decontaminant
Technical Data
Form Slightly hazy, pale straw liquid
S.G 0.90
Flash Point ºC 31
Application rate Between 6 – 10m² / lt dependent on substrate texture and porosity
Cure/Drying Time Slightly tacky film in 2 – 4 hours
Overcoat Time Min 2 hours, maximum 48 hours. When applying to bituminous substrates allow at least 4 hours before over-coating
Application 0 – 70°C
Shelf Life 6 months



Structural Waterproofing

Our high performance structural waterproofing products offer heavy duty resistance to ponded water & UV light.


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