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Pirthane® 0


PIRTHANE® ‘0’ is an insulating system with excellent fire resistant properties. It complies with the requirements for a Class 0 surface as defined in appendix A paragraph 12 of Approved Document B ‘Fire Safety’, to the Building Regulations 2010. It has a Class 1 surface spread of flame when tested to BS476 Part 7 1997; when tested to BS476 Part 6 1989 the material achieved a fire propagation index (I) of not more than 12 and subindex (i1) of not more than 6.

PIRTHANE® ‘0’ comprises of a low thermal conductivity insulating foam (PIRTHANE® HR) coated with a one component waterborne intumescent paint (PIRTHANE® FPC).


Benefits or Uses

PIRTHANE® ‘0’ is used for thermal insulation and condensation control on:

  • Underside of concrete soffits or floor slabs.
  • Interior of commercial buildings.
  • Internal surfaces of marine craft.

Its benefits are:

  • Lightweight – typically 2.5kg/m² for 0.45W/m²K U-Value.
  • Seamless.
  • In-situ sprayed insulation excellent for complex surface structures.
  • Excellent adhesive properties – withstands high wind speeds and vibration – can be used on single skin substrates.
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential.
  • Zero air erosion.
  • Low cost maintenance.
  • Eliminates unwanted air leakage which can save up to 75% of energy costs.

Technical Data

Pirthane® 0 is an insulating system with excellent fire resistant properties.

It consists of Pirthane® HR a low thermal conductivity insulating foam and Pirthane® FPC which is a waterborne intumescent coating.




Thermal Insulation

Isothane has a range of insulation products designed to meet your insulation needs in all types of buildings.


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