Rigid Polyurethane Foam




LD40 is our general purpose foam system that has a wide variety of moulding applications where a foam with a gradual rise is needed.

The product is a two component system, CFC and HCFC free and produces a rigid foam with an approximate density of 40kg/m³. The foam has good compressive strength, cell structure and other physical properties.

Benefits or Uses

LD40 can be used in the thermal insulation of

  • water heaters
  • storage tanks
  • refridgerated containers
  • behind produce store pressure walls and related double skin applications
  • large panels

It is particularly used for the filling of large volumes where LD40’s gradual rise and excellent flow properties are used to there best advantage.

Technical Data

LD40 is a two component, 1:1 ratio, CFC & HCFC FREE rigid foam system which when processed through suitable dispense machinery will produce a rigid foam of approximate density 40 kg/m³ with good compressive strength, cell structure and other physical properties.

LD40 can be processed through all standard foam dispense equipment. The machine should be capable of maintaining the mix ratio at ±2% accuracy and controlling the component temperatures at 20 – 50oC.





Polyurethane Foam Mouldings

Our polyurethane foam mouldings and technical expertise can provide solutions to your project needs.


Set & Prop Design

Isothane Limited provides an extensive range of market leading spray and cast polyurethane products for use in set and prop design in the film, television and theme park sectors.


Case Studies

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The client Quay Marinas Ltd the problem A 25 metre long tidal control gate was internally waterlogged due to the...


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