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EM Grey

Em Grey


EM Grey is single component liquid applied coating based on polyurethane technology, which cures by reacting with atmospheric moisture to give a seamless and waterproof polymer film that is rubbery and elastic.

Suitable for use on both pitched or flat roofs, Em Grey is quick and easy to apply. Incredibly versatile it can be used directly or with a Primer and can be applied to a number of substrates including nut not limited to the following; felt, asphalt, slate, tiles, asbestos, concrete, brick, wood, glass and metals.

In addition, EM Grey can also be applied directly to spray applied polyurethane (PU) foam insulation such as Thermadek® or Agrispray®. Get in touch with our expert technical team if you’d like more information on this.

EM Grey does not readily embrittle with age. Unlike more traditional bitumen based products,  exposure to ultra violet radiation or weathering, hence it does not crack or craze. EM Grey, by virtue of its chemical reactivity in the wet state, has good adhesion to a wide range of substrates. It is also not affected by extremes of temperature – as such it does not crack at low temperatures or suffer thermal flow at elevated temperatures.

Em Grey Em Grey


EM Grey is a very high solid coating designed to give a high-build film. It can be brush or roller applied but it has a higher viscosity than a conventional paint and should not be diluted.

We do offer a sprayable grade of our EM range products, which is suitable for airless spray equipment.  If interested please contact us for further information. 


For More information on EM Grey, Our EM Range or any of our other products get in touch with us and we’ll help you with your enquiry.

Technical Data

  EM Grey
Solids % >92
Abel Closed Cup Flash point (ISO1523, 1983) >62
Application Limits ºC 5 – 50
Approximate Dry Time (20ºC, 50%, RH) 6-12 Hrs touch dry, 7 days full cure
Elongation % (ASTM D412) 400 – 600
Tensile Strength MN/m2  (ASTM D412) 3.0 – 5.0
Storage Stability (when stored at 25 ºC) 6 Months

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