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 One stop shop from UK manufacturer Isothane for Open and Closed Cell

Open and closed cell

One stop shop from UK manufacturer Isothane for Open and Closed Cell

Traditionally, there have been two types of spray Polyurethane foam, Open Cell and Closed Cell. There are different characteristics attributable to both, including thermal conductivity, water resistance and price. Isothane can now supply both Open and Closed Cell products from its manufacturing and distribution site in Accrington, Lancashire. Why the introduction of Open Cell products?

“It’s purely market led” says John Volpicelli, a long standing director of the business. “There’s no doubt about it, whatever the political landscape over the next 5-10 years, there is a huge need for new build housing across the UK, and modular off site fabrication is the way forward. With both Open and Closed Cell products now being supplied by us, we have opened up our offer massively. Both products are made here in the UK, with all the benefits that brings – including speed of response, in house technical back up and our ability to develop specific products to manage the ever changing needs of our growing client base. “

“It is estimated that the requirement will be up to 300,000 new homes, and so Isothane’s ability to deliver Open Cell products may help us meet some of the price challenges which comes with increased volumes”

“Many of our very competent competitors are supplying overseas manufactured products. When customers call me, I can honestly say that their order is being produced in the very building I am sitting in “comments Rob Smith, Product Manager at Isothane. “And our collective knowledge base in the business is truly encyclopedic – there are literally hundreds of years’ experience which we can share with architects, specifiers, installers and developers. Our ability to respond to customers’ needs is second to none – we have the added flexibility of local production to meet the varying needs of our customers. Customers are always welcome to visit us and see the facilities we have for themselves.”

“We are living in uncertain times at the moment in terms of International Trade and Tariffs” observes Harry Lloyd, Isothane Director. “Our competitors who are importing from overseas genuinely do not know what the future holds in terms of tariffs and what the financial implications might be. So if a developer is putting in a tender now which may be several years in the making are then hit by 15% import duties, out of their control, the cost increase will have to be absorbed.  And in terms of continuity of supply, can they be 100% confident of knowing what the supply chain will look like and how that might impact on deliveries? As a UK based manufacturer, we see this as a genuinely great time for us to be launching the Open Cell product range and for us to be a reliable, flexible and cost-effective supplier to the sector”

“I’ve joined the business at a very exciting time” says Ian McCaddon, UK and Export Sales Manager. “We have a renewed vigor across the business with the new product development, a really significant addition to our customer offering.”


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