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Nail Fatigue: How Spray foam insulation can help.

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What is Nail Fatigue?

Many property owners report that as a roof ages the fixings which are often nails start to fail resulting in tile or slate slippage especially in windy weather conditions. This is a problem known as nail fatigue.

The normal way of resolving this issue would be to replace all the tiles or slates on the roof which can prove costly, inconvenient and time consuming.

How Spray foam insulation can help

Our spray foam insulation product Duratherm® can help to overcome the problem of nail fatigue without the need to replace the whole roof. 

Our approved contractors would ensure that any missing or slipped tiles or slates were realigned or replaced and they check that the ancillaries such as flashings and mortar work are sound.

Once this is done they apply Duratherm® spray foam insulation to the underside of the tiles or slates. The strong adhesive qualities of the foam ensure that the tiles and slates are secured meaning the roof is considerably more resistant to windy weather. Duratherm® also has excellent insulation properties meaning that in addition to providing a solution to nail fatigue you’ll benefit from improved energy efficiency by having an insulated roof in one application.

If you want any more information on our product or to obtain details of our approved spray foam insulatioin contractors please contact our team who will be happy to help.



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