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Installing Spray Foam Insulation

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Installing Spray foam Insulation

We all know in this day and age the importance of having a properly insulated house, but did you know by installing spray foam insulation you can achieve even better levels of energy efficiency. This means that by installing spray foam insulation into your home you will have the benefits of your home feeling warmer as well as the cost of your energy bills going down. The versatility of spray foam means it can be applied to almost any surfaces and can offer insulation where other traditional forms of insulation may not be able to. Installing sprayfoam can often be a quicker means of insulation, meaning you can move on with your project quicker.  Here at Isothane we offer market leading closed cell spray foam insulation, an example of this would be our Product Duratherm®.

Our Spray foam Insulation

So why chose Duratherm® when installing spray foam insulation?

Duratherm® is our KIWA approved spray foam system which is suitable for insulating a number of different properties and structures. These include; loft conversions, new build insulation, retrofit where it can also offer stabilisation for flat and pitched roofs as well as commercial and industrial buildings. Duratherm® also offers market leading thermal insulation, heat naturally spreads to where the cold air is, so when heating a home the hot air inside naturally tries to escape to the cold air outside. Duratherm®  stops his by creating an air tight block which doesn’t allow the hot air to escape keeping the warm air inside the house. As well as its thermal qualities, Duratherm® also offers fantastic stabilisation qualities, which is particularly useful in roofs where nail fatigue or tile slippage may have occurred. One thing that separates Duratherm® from most other sprayfoam insulations is that its low absorbent, this is because of its closed cell structure which doesn’t allow water to be pass through the foam where as traditional insulation types (bead and wool) and to a lesser extent open cell spray foam will let water pass through into a property. This means Duratherm® can be used in areas prone to wind driven rain or new build properties being built on land prone to flooding.

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Our technical team are on hand to discuss your property or project and how our spray foam insulation product Duratherm®, can help you achieve the results you want using our approved installer network.


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