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Isothane’s definitive guide to Sprayfoam- Part 1: What is Sprayfoam?

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Isothane’s Definitive Sprayfoam Guide- Part 1: What is Sprayfoam?

When beginning our guide to sprayfoam Insulation, it’s uses, application and the benefits, it is important we first initially grasp a basic understanding of sprayfoam insulation. 

What Is Sprayfoam?

Sprayfoam insulation is an alternative insulation choice to the more traditional insulation options of insulation such as; fibreglass, foam board, mineral wool and so on. Applied in-situ spray foam is a versatile product which is initially sprayed on to a surface as liquid where it quickly reacts, hardening to form a rigid substance adhering to the surface.  Once completely cured spray foam will offer structural stability and waterproof barrier on top of the market leading thermal efficiency you’d expect from insulation.

Spray foam insulation has been for 20+ years and as a manufacturer Isothane have always been at the forefront of development. As the popularity of spray foam continues to grow and is now recognised as a leader in thermal efficiency we are continuing to develop our product range to offer solutions to a number of problems. From Duratherm our product perfect for insulation domestic and commercial properties to Pirthane ‘0’  our class ‘0’ spread of flame system perfect for sofits and everything in between our development team are constantly working on new and existing products to offer you the best solution.


If you can’t find the info you’re looking for here or in any other parts of our spray foam guide or you’d like more information on any of our products please contact us here and someone will be in touch shortly. 


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