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BBC’s Countryfile features BRE Flood Resilient Repair Home

Flood Resilient Repair Home

BBC’s Countryfile features BRE Flood Resilient Repair Home

On Sunday evening (February 19th 2017) the BBC’s Countryfile programme featured the BRE’s Flood Resilient Repair Home and how installing measures into properties can help protect homeowners for the devastating effects of flooding.

As you may recall in our previous blog post we discussed the work that went into building the BRE Flood Resilient Repair House and how Isothane’s closed cell insulation Technitherm was used in the house.

In case you missed it the Countryfile team were taken around the flood resilient repair home by Dr Peter Bonfield the chief executive of the BRE and Emma Howard Boyd who is the chair of the Environment Agency. They explained how a number of the products worked and how they helped to make the house flood resilient. Then with the help of the local fire service they attempt to flood the house from the outside, before allowing the water into the house to see how quickly the house recovered.

The full programme can be found for a limited time on the link below by selecting the Somerset episode which aired on the 19th Feb 2017 at 7pm.

The Full Measures Used By The BRE

The BRE have now produced a video showing the resilience products used and Technitherm® can be seen being installed at 1 minute 44 seconds.



More Information on Technitherm

Technitherm® is an injected polyurethane foam cavity wall insulation. The closed cell nature of Technitherm® means that it provides flood resilience by reducing the risk of flood water ingress across the cavity. It remains serviceable after the flood water recedes unlike conventional cavity wall insulation materials which can absorb and retain water meaning they lose their insulating properties and prolong the drying out time. BS85500:2015 advises that only closed cell polyurethane insulation should be used in flood risk areas.

For more information on the house visit can be found by visiting the BRE website.




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