Cavity Wall Foam FAQ’s

Q: I want to have my cavity walls insulated but have been told that it can’t be done – can you help?

A: Almost certainly Yes. Our Technitherm® cavity wall insulation product can be installed in a range of ‘Hard to Treat’ cavities that our unsuitable for conventional systems including random stone, narrow cavities, flood zone or weather exposed properties, where there is wall tie failure and high rise buildings. We can put you in touch with one of approved installers who will survey your property to confirm its suitability. 

Q: What maintenance or servicing is required after I have had the insulation installed?

A: There is no maintenance or servicing required to the cavity wall insulation.

Q:How long will the insulation last?

A: The expected lifetime of the building.

Q: How do I know the walls are full?

A: The Technitherm® system of cavity wall insulation has a defined pattern of drill holes which has been tested by both the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and KIWA which ensures a complete fill of your cavity. All installers of Technitherm® are trained by Isothane to use this drill pattern and once approved are subject to ongoing monitoring by ourselves also to ensure that they continue to use it.


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