NEA Launch Warm Homes Campaign

NEA Warm Homes Campaign

Isothane are a business supporter of National Energy Action (NEA) whose vision it is that ‘no one is living in fuel poverty’. Yesterday saw the NEA launch their Warm Homes Campaign. The campaign highlights that around four million UK households are still unable to access equal life chances because they live in a cold, damp…

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The BRE Flood Resilience Report on Technitherm

Cavity Wall Insulation

Technitherm Flood resilience If you’ve read the product page on our website for Technitherm or some of our blog posts, you will have noticed we often mention how it has been tested by the BRE for Flood Resilience. Well now we’ve decided to give a bit more information about how we tested it. Test Procedure…

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Pitched Roof Insulation

Pitched roof insulation is a topic our technical team receive many queries about. From whole house refurbishments being overseen by architects to homeowners who are looking to improve the thermal performance of their home there are questions concerning achieving the required building regulations and concern around condensation and moisture.  what are the BUILDING REGULATIONS when…

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Loft and Room in Roof Insulation

Energy Saving Trust

Thinking about loft or room in roof insulation? As the building industry has evolved, so has the requirement for ever more exacting standards of insulation. Not only has the requirement for increased insulation requirements changed but so too has the cost of living space. In New Build there has been an increased trend to make…

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Property Flood Resilience Action Plan

Non-standard cavities - flood risk

In 2015 Dr Peter Bonfield was asked by the Government to bring together the commercial interests to consider how collectively industry could best enable and encourage the use of property level resilience measures for buildings at risk of being flooded and in early September 2016 he published his Flood Resilience Action Plan report together with…

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Cavity Wall Insulation for Wind Driven Rain Areas

Non-standard cavities - exposed locations

In many parts of Scotland, Northern England and Wales people think that the use of cavity wall insulation is not an appropriate measure due to the effect wind driven rain can have on the insulation once it is installed in properties. Quite rightly it would be wrong to install standard cavity wall insulation products in…

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Scenography: How Isothane can help

Set & Prop Design

The term scenography includes all of the elements that contribute to establishing an atmosphere and mood for a theatrical presentation. In many films and television programmes polyurethane products are used to recreate scenery, costumes including armour and props which are so realistic that there is no doubt in the viewers mind that the armour the…

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Our Technical Service Team

how our technical service team can help Isothane prides itself on having one of the best Technical Service teams in the industry. The team are always on hand to help contractors, architects, project managers or homeowners with any information they need or answer questions they have about our polyurethane products including our spray foam insulation…

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Insulating Soffits

Soffit Insulation

A soffit is the underside of an architectural structure such as an arch, a balcony, or overhanging eaves. Insulating soffits can be important to provide energy efficiency benefits to the structure and those using it. Many people believe that board insulation is the only way a soffit can be insulted but that isn’t the case. Polyurethane…

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Becoming an Isothane Approved Installer

Architects CPD Talks

In order to install our spray foam insulation, cavity wall insulation and polyurea products you need to be an Isothane approved installer. Being an approved installer of Isothane products is a partnership between us and you. Our technical service team are on hand to answer any queries you have about the products and its suitability…

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