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Primark Extention, Soffit Insulation- Freshney Place, Grimsby

Primark Grimsby


Our approved installers Foamspray insulation carried out the works for contractor Harris CM undertaking a project for Grimsby Shopping Centre ltd.


A refurbishment and extension of Freshney Place, Grimsby to provide a new Primark store. The new shop required insulation to the 2000m2 concrete soffit. The exposed, concrete needed an insulation which would offer long term thermal efficiency as well as providing a seamless finish.


     Primark Grimsby

The solution

Isothane’s spray foam product Duratherm® was sprayed directly onto the concrete soffit at thickness of 120mm on the underside of the roof, 50mm on the vertical side of the soffit and 25mm to the underside of the soffit before coating with a spray-able ET 150 intumescent paint.

Duratherm® was the perfect product for use in this case as its in-situ installation meant it could provide seamless coverage eliminating air leakage, meaning not only does Duratherm provide thermal insulation but it also but stops drafts further reducing heat loss. Another advantage of using Duratherm is it has a closed cell structure, this means that it is water resilient, robust and weatherproof. As a result of all this Duratherm has a long lifespan with low maintenance requirements.


More information

If you’d like more information about our spray foam product Duratherm and its uses please click here and more information on our improved installer foamspray can be found here.


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