Case Study

Nissen Hut- Gloucestershire

nissen hut

The Client

Cotswold Oak Ltd


Weston-Subedge, Gloucestershire.


A new build nissen hut built to replace an identical hut which had been knocked down, given the tin roof construction insulating the property had become a difficult task because preventing condensation was proving to be a challenge. Initially open cell foam had been specified to insulate the nissen hut. This however had been done under misguidance as the clients were lead to believe the open cell foam would prevent the passage of water vapour.

The cells in an open cell foam are broken allowing air to pass through them. This would mean that water vapour would also be able to pass through allowing moisture to pass through from the tin roof to the inner leaf of the roof structure causing condensation and mold issues.

The Solution

Isothane approved installers Ecotite installed our spray foam insulation Duratherm® directly to the tin roof structure of the nissen hut.

Unlike the original spray foam specified Duratherm is a closed cell which means the cells within remain intact during application, as such it doesn’t allow water vapour to pass through from the outer leaf of a structure to the inner leaf. This means installing Duratherm won’t cause a condensation problem in the nissen hut. Not only this, but Duratherm will also offer better thermal insulation than the open cell foam originally specified would have offered at the same thickness.


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