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In a property with no roof insulation as much as a quarter of heat can be lost through the roof and so installing roof insulation can be a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your property and save money on energy bills.

At Isothane we manufacture a polyurethane spray foam insulation product that is perfect for insulating roofs. The product is suitable for all of the following types:

  • Retrofit pitched and flat roofs.
  • New build roofs.
  • Loft and room in roof projects.

Duratherm® is applied in situ meaning it provides a roof insulation solution to curved or uneven surfaces whilst reducing air leakage due to its seamless application. It has both KIWA and LABC  certification and offers excellent thermal efficiency values with Lambda or K values of down to 0.025 w/mK.

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It can be used to upgrade properties that already have insulation in place to meet current building regulations 

All Duratherm® roof insulation work is carried out by installers who are approved by Isothane to use the product and our technical team are on hand to answer any questions you may have specific to your project or about the product.

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  • Duratherm® seals all gaps when applied, eliminating air leakage and therefore offering more effective insulation than other products.
  • It has excellent thermal efficiency with Lambda or K values of down to 0.025 w/mK.
  • For properties with awkward surfaces which are curved or uneven, Duratherm® provides the perfect solution as it is applied in-situ quickly and easily.
  • It can be applied directly onto the substrate as no airgap is required. This can offer particular advantages in loft conversions or room in roofs by offering extra headroom whilst still achieving excellent thermal efficiency values.
  • By using Duratherm® for your roof insulation it also offers very good acoustic qualities, significantly reducing the transmission of airborne sound.
  • There is no ongoing maintenance with Duratherm®.
  • Ensures loft and attic spaces are cleaner, drier and more usable spaces.


Case Studies

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Seamless High Performance Roof Insulation and Stabilisation

Client: Barn conversion contractor: conversion of 6 solid wall barns at Lavant Problem: Solid wall construction did not meet Building...


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