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MPs Demand Answers on Flood Risk Management

Non-standard cavities - flood risk

MPs Demand Answers on Flood Risk Management

On February 23rd it was announced by Government that MPs from opposing parties will hold a debate on flood risk management. Members from two select committees, the Environmental Audit Committee and the Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee will come together to hold the government to account.

This follows a series of parliamentary inquiries calling for strengthened policies across Britain to protect communities from the increasing flood risk.

Last June the Environmental Audit Committee’s ‘Flooding: Cooperation across Government’ report stated a need for a cross-departmental approach to flood prevention and funding. The committee has continued to voice its concerns, putting pressure on the Government’s approach on funding, flood envoys and its national review.

 Further Criticism

The committee continued to voice its disappointment for what they believed were missed opportunities to act following a wide range of recommendations from  DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) to provide better safeguards and assurances to local communities by introducing firmer planning rules and improvements to flood insurance coverage.

Looking forward.

If we look into the future it is clear from the response of MPs from both the Environmental Audit Committee and the Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee that there is still a large cause for concern for the Government’s current flood risk management strategy.

However, perhaps the statement announcing a joint parliamentary debate is a sign that there is cross party support and a determination to keep the reform of flood risk management high on the agenda.

Isothane’s Flood Resilient Cavity Wall Insulation

At Isothane we manufacture a closed cell injected foam cavity wall insulation called Technitherm.

Technitherm’s closed cell structure means it does not allow water to pass through it meaning during flooding water cannot ingress though the cavity into a property. Technitherm will also remain serviceable after flooding has occurred saving huge amounts in refurbishment.

In Fact ‘BS85500:2015 Flood resistant and resilient construction. Guide to improving the flood performance of buildings’ advises that only closed cell polyurethane insulation should be used in flood risk areas.

More information on Technitherm can be on the Technitherm page of our website, you can also call 01254 872555 to speak to a member of staff about any questions you may have or if you’d like details of one of our approved installers.



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