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25 Million Homes Must Be Insulated In The UK!

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25 Million Homes Must Be Insulated In The UK!

The authors of a recent report to parliament have stated that in order to meet the standards required by mid-century, 25 million existing homes must be insulated to bring them closer to acceptable standards.

By 2050 the United Kingdom will need to cut its carbon emissions by 80%. Heating draughty homes could count for up to a third of these emissions.

The Scale of the Problem.

To give an indication of the problems facing the British public, according to experts more than one home every minute must be insulated between now and 2050.

The result of this is a radical overhaul to the UK’s housing stock if we are to meet are emissions targets.

More problems arise when we look for a solution, the government has said it would devise new policies as soon as possible to help counter the problem.

However successive governments have been criticised for failing to tackle the problems facing the UK’s existing housing stock, with claims the current government have been far too slow to introduce a national programme.

Full Details about the scale of the problem facing properties that must be insulated can be found on the BBC Business section.

Isothane’s Answer to UK’s Insulation Problems.

At Isothane we manufacture closed cell polyurethane insulation solutions, our Duratherm® and Technitherm® products are both KIWA & LABC accredited.

Duratherm® is our sprayed applied insulation, which can be used in a number of different situations:


  • Duratherm® can be a retrofit insulation where it can offer stabilisation to flat or pitched roofs.
  • Perfect for loft conversions as it will stop any potential water ingress allowing for a dry, warm and clean space to use either a storage or as another room.
  • Can also be installed in new builds to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Can be used in commercial buildings such as offices as well as warehouses.

Technitherm® is our injected cavity wall insulation which is more commonly used in retrofit projects, making it an ideal solution to solve the problem with houses that must be insulated.

Technitherm® can be used in cavities classed as ‘hard to treat’ as well as a number of different of places, these include:

• Properties that are at risk of flooding such as those built on a floodplain because its low absorbent properties will mean it won’t allow water to pass through the cavity nor will it need replacing after flooding.
Technitherm® can also be used in properties where the wall ties have failed or are missing all together to provide stabilisation.
• Whereas traditional insulation methods need a minimum 50mm cavity, Technitherm® can be installed in cavities smaller then 50mm.
Technitherm® can also be installed in cavities which have varying widths throughout.
• If a property has no damp course Technitherm® can offer protection against damp as well as condensation and mould.
• You can also use Technitherm® in properties which are prone to wind driven rain to stop any ingression of the rain into the property.

Want more information?

Our technical team are on hand to discuss your property or project and how either our cavity wall insulation product, Technitherm®  or our spray foam insulation, Duratherm® can help you achieve the results you want using our approved installer network.


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