PU Foam - rocks!
Isothane Sprayed Polyurethane Foam creates a convincing rock effect

Prop / Scenery Production

Isothane provides an extensive range of spray and cast polyurethane materials to the film, television and theme park sectors. Over the years we have developed expertise in working with designers and craftsmen to achieve innovative solutions to problems that are often "off the wall".

Armour / Leather Reproduction

"Armour-flex" and "Armour-lyte" are the market-leading products for armour and leather reproduction, having been used on Knights Tale, and the Alexander and Troy films. The materials are highly versatile and productive on application, with the sprayed liquid setting to a solid and being ready to de-mould in seconds. The results are aesthetically outstanding and the pieces robust enough to withstand even the hardest treatment on set / location.

"Armour-flex" and "Armour-lyte" are also superb general purpose coatings for the protection of polystyrene and polyurethane foam pieces.

New additions to the range

Isothane is pleased to announce the following additions to the Scenography range - Armour-Shield is a general purpose Class 1 fire resistant pure polyurea. Armour-Form is a soft and flexible replication and moulding polyurea elastomer. Armour-Rock is our toughest material yet, a reinforcement and moulding polyurea elastomer, also having Class 1 fire resistant properties.

Sprayed Polyurethane Foams

Isothane supplies a range of sprayed polyurethane foams, the most commonly used in set construction being "Agrispray®" and "Exo-set". "Agrispray®" offers a superior alternative to plastering, being lighter in weight and far quicker to set. It is often used for cave and rock effects. "Exo-set" is a high density spray system used typically where pieces require minimum thickness but maximum strength, such as reproducing roof tiles or supporting shields.

Castable "biscuit" Foams

We manufacture a range of hand mix, rigid, polyurethane foams with densities from 30 kg/m³ to 500 kg/m³.

Castable Flexible Foams.

Both genuine flexible foams and integral skin systems are available depending on the requirements of the project.


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