Polyurethane Coating - tanking
Isothane Polyurea applied to add corrosion resistance to trailers carrying sewage effluent

Protective Coatings

Polyurea Range

Isothane manufactures a range of heavy-duty spray elastomers and polyurea coatings for use in the industrial, marine and civil engineering sectors.

Our expertise in spray technology and on-site support make Isothane the ideal partner for your project whether this involves truck bed lining, chemical containment, or bund protection.

Isothane operates an approved contractor network to ensure the high quality of the installation of our polyurea range coating systems.

Fast Set Protective Coatings

The "Armour-Range" are market-leading polyurea / polyurethane hybrid coatings that cure in seconds and can be put into service in minutes. They offer exceptional resistance to mechanical abrasion and chemical attack along with high tensile elongation and crack-bridging properties. Applications are diverse and include bund wall lining, coating of manhole access chambers and pipe protection.

Civil Engineering

The "Armour-Range" are 100% solids, high build coatings which provide 100% adhesion to all substrates commonly used in construction including concrete and metals.

Truck Bed Lining

The toughness and abrasion resistance of the "Armour-Range" make them ideal for use as sprayed-in-place truck bed liners. Being 100% bonded, they offer excellent resistance to water damage, corrosion and other problems associated with traditional drop-in-liners.

Potable Water & Food Contact

ARMOUR - FLEX PW is a 100% solids polyurea elastomer designed as a monolithic, seamless, waterproof liner for where there is direct contact with potable water or food products. It is WRAS, ANSI / NSF 61 and USDA approved. In addition it has proven its performance in frozen food cold stores.