Landlords Are Facing A “Ticking Time Bomb”


Landlords are facing a “ticking time bomb” As of the 1st of April this year new legislation has led to energy efficiency impacting on a landlords ability to rent out a property. From April 1st 2018 it will be law that every property set to be rented out must have an EPC rating of at…

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MPs Demand Answers on Flood Risk Management

Flood Risk Management

MPs Demand Answers on Flood Risk Management On February 23rd it was announced by Government that MPs from opposing parties will hold a debate on flood risk management. Members from two select committees, the Environmental Audit Committee and the Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee will come together to hold the government to account. This…

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25 Million Homes Must Be Insulated In The UK!

Must be Insulated

25 Million Homes Must Be Insulated In The UK! The authors of a recent report to parliament have stated that in order to meet the standards required by mid-century, 25 million existing homes must be insulated to bring them closer to acceptable standards. By 2050 the United Kingdom will need to cut its carbon emissions…

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BBC’s Countryfile features BRE Flood Resilient Repair Home

Flood Resilient Repair Home

BBC’s Countryfile features BRE Flood Resilient Repair Home On Sunday evening (February 19th 2017) the BBC’s Countryfile programme featured the BRE’s Flood Resilient Repair Home and how installing measures into properties can help protect homeowners for the devastating effects of flooding. As you may recall in our previous blog post we discussed the work that…

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What is the difference between Open and Closed Cell foam?

What is the difference between Open and Closed Cell foam?      When thinking about spray foam insulation people often don’t realise that there are two different variations of spray foam, open cell foam and closed cell foam. At Isothane we manufacture a market leading closed cell foam insulation as it is our belief that there are…

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NEA Launch Warm Homes Campaign

NEA Warm Homes Campaign

Isothane are a business supporter of National Energy Action (NEA) whose vision it is that ‘no one is living in fuel poverty’. Yesterday saw the NEA launch their Warm Homes Campaign. The campaign highlights that around four million UK households are still unable to access equal life chances because they live in a cold, damp…

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The BRE Flood Resilience Report on Technitherm

Cavity Wall Foam

Technitherm Flood resilience If you’ve read the product page on our website for Technitherm or some of the blog posts, you will have noticed we often mention how it has been tested by the BRE for Flood Resilience. Well now we’ve decided to give a bit more information about how we tested it. Test Procedure…

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Pitched Roof Insulation

Pitched roof insulation is a topic our technical team receive many queries about. From whole house refurbishments being overseen by architects to homeowners who are looking to improve the thermal performance of their home there are questions concerning achieving the required building regulations and concern around condensation and moisture.  what are the BUILDING REGULATIONS when…

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Loft and Room in Roof Insulation


Thinking about loft or room in roof insulation? As the building industry has evolved, so has the requirement for ever more exacting standards of insulation. Not only has the requirement for increased insulation requirements changed but so too has the cost of living space. In New Build there has been an increased trend to make…

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Property Flood Resilience Action Plan

Flood Resilience Action Plan

In 2015 Dr Peter Bonfield was asked by the Government to bring together the commercial interests to consider how collectively industry could best enable and encourage the use of property level resilience measures for buildings at risk of being flooded and in early September 2016 he published his Flood Resilience Action Plan report together with…

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